The TODAY Advantage

Today Cleaners is a local, family owned company that is committed to providing the best possible dry cleaning and laundry service to our customers.  We are the largest because we have focused for over 60 years on our customer’s desire for high quality and convenience at a competitive price.  There are many advantages to being a Today Cleaners customer, but three in particular stand out as the most important and unique.

Our Same Day Service 7 Days A Week is designed to fit your schedule.  It only takes a few hours to perform dry cleaning and laundry services once started.  Other cleaners simply hang on to your clothes for days before starting the process to keep things convenient for them.  At Today Cleaners, we believe your clothes belong back in your closet as fast as possible!  We are the only cleaners Open On Sunday, and if we’re open you will always receive In By 11, Ready At 4 service.

Our On Premise Plants means there is No Trucking of your clothes.  All cleaning and pressing of dry cleaning and laundry is performed on location, which greatly enhances the knowledge and expertise of our staff to give you the absolute best service possible, and eliminates the chance of misplaced garments.

Our GreenEarth Cleaning System is non-toxic, environmentally friendly and the most gentle dry cleaning process available today.  There is no odor whatsoever!  Whites are whiter and colors are brighter.  Clothes actually feel softer, and will last longer with repeated cleanings.

Jeff Newman